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Observed collections in DOT urine drugs testing

Under some circumstances, collection of urine specimens for drugs screening must be observed directly by collection personnel. Observation must be by a person of the same gender as the testing subject. This is an important factor in choosing a collection facility. See related post Selection of Specimen Collection and Testing Sites. For commercial drivers and other federal employees, observation is required if the DER (Designated Employer Representative) directs the collector to do so. The DER is required to have the collection observed for the following situations. Otherwise, the DER is not allowed to have the collection observed. Observation is required (and so, authorized) ONLY for Return to Duty after completing …

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Selection of Specimen Collection and Testing Sites

In urine drugs testing, collection of the specimen is critically important . If drivers are in Northern California and able to have testing and specimen collection performed at our parent company, Occupational Health Services, you can be assured that all collectors and alcohol testing technicians are qualified, experienced, and certified. However, if testing might be needed at another location, you should evaluate possible collection and testing sites in advance. In selecting a collection and testing site, consider the following: Be sure to know the facility’s specimen collection hours. There will generally be a cut off time for collections, earlier than the closing time of the clinic. This is to allow …

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CMR: New site, updated mission

In an effort to provide timely and authoritative information to my clients and the public in general, I am developing this system to create articles of interest and assemble them into newsletters. Please register for the newsletter if you wish to receive occasional and irregular updates on topics of interest to commercial drivers and their employers regarding drugs and alcohol testing of these and other federally regulated employees. I welcome your comments, but shall publish them. I may respond directly, or with an article to reflect concerns and questions, or I may not respond.  At some point in future we may open up to public dialogue.

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