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CMR provides drug testing services to employers of commercial truck drivers and other federally regulated employees (coast guard certified seamen, nuclear power plant workers, commercial pilots) and drug-free workplace programs, whether voluntary or government mandated. 

Drug Testing of Commercial Drivers        
  Typical Fees
Testing programs for employees holding a commercial drivers license driving or maintaining trucks of 26001 lbs gross vehicle weight (GVW) or busses capable of carrying more that 16 persons.
Drug Free Workplace Programs
Programs for employers wishing to reduce the impact of illegal drug use within their workforce.
Medical Review Officer Services
To assure that administration of your testing program respects the privacy and legal rights of your employees.
Medical monitoring for pesticide and heavy metals
Surveillance for prevention of toxic exposures through Occupational Health Services of Lodi. (Please phone or Email with any questions)
OSHA Respirator Clearance Questionnaire online
The first, often the only necessary step in respirator clearance. Questionnaire for employees to fill out, submit online to Licensed Health Care Professional, in keeping with Appendix C to 29 CFR Sec. 1910.134

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