Central Medical Review (CMR) Services

Central Medical Review offers a range of services to employers of DOT-regulated and other workers.

CMR Services and Programs

Random Drug Testing Program

CMR as a C/TPA (Consortium/Third Party Administrator) provides random and other testing to help comply with requirements of 49 CFR part 40 and related regulations for drug and alcohol testing of commercial drivers (Learn more about random testing programs

Drug Testing for Employment

Federally regulated and non-regulated drug testing is available for employers as a tool in fostering a drug-free workplace. Reasons for testing may include Pre-employment, Reasonable Suspicion, Return to Duty and Random. Testing may be performed on urine or oral fluid (saliva) specimens.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Forensic alcohol breath testing using Intoximeter technology is available for employees of regulated and non-regulated businesses.

Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Dr. Watson has been certified as a Medical Review Officer by AAMRO since 1994. (Learn More about Medical Review Services)

Tuberculosis Risk Assessment for Educators

Most educators and school volunteers can be cleared for the classroom with no TB skin test. A brief questionnaire by a physician will usually suffice. Click here for further information.