Learning Center opened at FMCSA Clearinghouse

Clearinghouse sign-up help, clarifications, guidance are available at the FMCSA Learning Center.

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Below are links to explanatory brochures and other documents.

HERE is a very helpful step-by-step guide for employers registering for the Clearinghouse.

This Owner-operator Brochure explains the special arrangements needed for drivers who employ themselves.

  • Drivers who employ themselves (any driver with ownership interest in the company they driver for) MUST designate their Service Agent (C/TPA) to report to the Clearinghouse any violations of drug and alcohol testing requirements.
  • If self-employed drivers also employ other drivers, the employer must report any violations by their drivers – or designate CMR to do so.
  • Owner-drivers may perform annual queries, or have CMR do so.

How CMR will act as your Service Agent – employers should read this CTPA BROCHURE

Information about the Clearinghouse in Spanish:

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