Selection of Specimen Collection and Testing Sites

In urine drugs testing, collection of the specimen is critically important . If drivers are in Northern California and able to have testing and specimen collection performed at our parent company, Occupational Health Services, you can be assured that all collectors and alcohol testing technicians are qualified, experienced, and certified. However, if testing might be needed at another location, you should evaluate possible collection and testing sites in advance.

In selecting a collection and testing site, consider the following:

  • Be sure to know the facility’s specimen collection hours.
    • There will generally be a cut off time for collections, earlier than the closing time of the clinic. This is to allow up to three hours for provision of a specimen, as required by DOT/FMCSA regulation.
    • At OHS, collections must begin before 3:00 PM
  • Determine if there are collectors available of appropriate gender, in case an observed collection becomes necessary.
  • Assure collectors have been trained and alcohol testers are certified.
  • Set up an account or otherwise make advance arrangement for payment. Specimen collection and alcohol testing is free of additional charge at our Lodi location only.
  • Make arrangements Custody and Control Form (CCF) to reflect laboratory and MRO information for Central Medical Review. The driver may carry a preprinted copy from us, or the collection site may store some copies for you, or alter some of their own to reflect CMR data.
  • Designated Employer Representative (DER)  information should be provided to the site.
  • Notify the collection site and CMR when the employee is expected to arrive at the collection site. Remember, once informed of a follow-up or random drugs test to be taken, the employee must proceed immediately and directly to the collection site.